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A Certified Coach + Shamanic Practitioner, Transformative Energy Healer, #1 Bestselling Author, Light Language Artist - and Brit living in Australia’s glorious Gold Coast.

I’m the Creator of the Core Release Method™ and I’ve been leading world class coaching, online courses, and life changing retreats for the past 7+ years. I’m committed to supporting you in your next level breakthrough to create lasting positive change.

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Master your intuition, connect to your spirit guides & say f*ck yes to your extraordinary life!

 and then become it.

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To me, Light Language is an elixir of the soul.

It liberates stagnant energy, reactivating and awakening dormant DNA to enhance your state of being.

It is a neo-ancient technology that speaks directly to the parts of you that need it most.

It requires no direction… simply an open heart, a willingness to receive or a powerful intention.

Much like plant medicine, it will go where it needs to go and take you where you most need to journey.

It transcends the constructs of the human mind. Not so much being understood intellectually, yet it is most certainly felt.


When we surrender fully into our heart space, we can receive the true nature and potency of this healing frequency. This energy that transcends linear time for our highest alignment.

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